A Unique Program for Children

Blue Kangaroo is a unique early development program for young children directed by Cecilia Matson, an experienced educator and early childhood expert.  Located in a beautiful, clean, and sunny space in Chestnut Hill, the program is grounded in a play-based model of exploration, discovery, and learning for children.  Our morning program is designed for toddlers aged 6 months to 3.5 years; our afternoon program for children under the age of 6.

Please note that Blue Kangaroo is not a day care or drop off center. Caregivers remain with their children!

Our Story

We have designed our program and space with the aim of providing a nurturing environment for little ones and their caregivers.  We have selected our materials with care and thought, preferring high-quality pieces (not much plastic here!) and elements that promote free play and exploration. Our program is expressly designed for children to attend every day (although, while that’s our hope, we understand the need to attend less!).  Arts and crafts change daily; each morning features circletime with music, song, and storytelling and each afternoon offers different classes; and, weather permitting, daily we are out on our exploratory playground.  

Our program therefore incorporates all of the elements that families typically find in signing up for different classes – art, music, storytime, gym (for gross motor skills) – and more.  This was a deliberate choice.  It allows families to attend Blue Kangaroo multiple days a week (or all days) secure in the knowledge that their child is being developmentally supported in all critical facets.  The routine of attending a familiar program is so beneficial for little ones; allowing children to explore the world in a familiar place and surrounded by familiar faces gives them a sense of safety and security that in turn promotes the development of self-confidence, control, and independence.  Adults may crave different places and stimulants, but our children benefit from the opposite.   

Our community also benefits parents and caregivers.  Parents do not have to sign their children up for different classes, on different days, at different times and different locations.  They or their caregivers form friendships and connections at Blue Kangaroo.  They benefit from Cecilia’s expert parenting advice and support.  And the flexibility of Blue Kangaroo – families can arrive and leave at anytime during the morning or afternoon opening hours – makes the time more relaxed and easy to manage.

Please explore these pages for information about our playspace, programming, and other details!

A Word on Cleanliness….

For those of you who have experienced the downsides of indoor spaces for children – rest assured.  We take great care ensure our space is CLEAN and orderly.  We vacuum every day; deep clean a minimum of twice a week; and have a “tasted toys” bin (sterilized daily) for any toys that get “tasted” by a little one.  We also have policies in place to minimize sicknesses and their spreading at Blue Kangaroo.